Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Custom-made design is our standard

Nedjin Group makes heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations - from Sofia to London, in order to meet specific project requirements, solving the problems of energy efficiency, innovation, quality, functionality and value in the best way. The products of Nedjin Group include:

  • geothermal thermopumps and water-cooling thermopumps of the water-air type;
  • air conditioning aggregators and air conditioning chambers for commercial purposes with air/water cooling;
  • roof air conditioning systems (ROOFTOP);
  • splits systems and VRV;
  • fan coil units;
  • aggregators for air treatment, terminal systems with variable air volume (VAV);
  • air conditioning systems with precise maintenance of the parameters of the air (close control);
  • water-cooling aggregators and thermopump - with air/water cooling and absorption;
  • aggregators for energy regeneration (recovery);

Nedjin Group has its own manufacturing plant for the production of:

  • air handling units;
  • ventilation boxes;
  • recuperative air conditioning units;
  • air ducts;
  • steel and aluminum products;
  • metal parts;
  • products made from stainless steel.

The company is a place of employment of highly talented people - technical personnel and staff, set out to provide the best engineering solutions, products and services in the industry.

Our innovation and technical knowledge guarantee our success

Our team approach to designing and manufacturing all products of Nedjin Group allows us to quickly and efficiently handle issues related to their usage as well as respond to inquires from customers.

Each team member is prepared to undertake the neccessary steps to guarantee that your order gets the attention that it deserves. We have a laboratory used by our groups to ensure the quality of the officially approved (certified) technical specifications of the products.

Flexibility in the design of the system and engineering experience

Nedjin Group is a leading company that provides custom design of energy-saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to contractors.

We offer products that suit the needs of our clients by giving them the opportunity to assess the economic benefit of using the systems of Nedjin Group compared with alternative systems.

Our mission is to make sure that every product we create is delivered on time and meets all needs of your project.

Our steps to delivering high quality are guided by our conviction of adhering to a policy of total quality management.

We strive to implement processes with zero defects through continuous monitoring of the level of quality and the corresponding change in processes/systems.

We offer strong support on the spot by quickly responding to needs related to the provision of plans and other information about the products.

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