Metal Works Production

Metal Works Production

Metal Works Production

Nedjin Group provides to all its clients from the main areas of industry a high-quality production with the possibility for specialized metal treatment.

Steel & Tin Products

Thanks to our specialists in the fields of engineering, design and manufacturing, we can provide to our clients high-quality metal parts, components and systems.

We have our own factory for the production of:

  • tin and sheet metal products;
  • metal parts;
  • stainless steel products.

We have a closed cycle for the production of high-quality products.

Our main products, components and systems:

  • metal sheets, processed on sheet bending machines, including guillotine cutting, bending with beading, profiles with roll forming, bending rolls, clasp;
  • details, punched and bent;
  • production of steel parts, processed on CNC machines;
  • parts produced by laser and plasma cutting;
  • welded parts, welding in a protected environment of inert gas with Wolfram electrode, welding in a protected environment of enert gas with melted electrode, MIG-Mag welding, заварени детайли, електродъгово заваряване в защитна среда от инертен газ с волфрамов електрод, електродъгово заваряване в защитна среда от инертен газ с топим електрод, заваряване по метода "МИГ-МАГ", resistance spot welding;
  • welded constructions;
  • assembly unites, aggregators and structures;
  • installation and assembly activities.

Surface finishing according to customer requirements:

  • sand blasting cleaning/etching;
  • painting/powder coatings;
  • plating/electroplating bath;
  • application of galvanic coatins/electropolishing.

We process the following materials and their alloys:

  • carbon steel;
  • stainless steel;
  • aluminum;
  • brass;
  • copper.


The intelligent services offered by us for the whole production cycle provide our clients from the industry with a full advantage of exceptional execution, combined with reliability and hiqh quality of the products as well as on-time delivery.

Our services include:

  • consultations and project management related to metal treatment;
  • business communication in German, English or Bulgarian;
  • analysis of the needs and requirements of our clients;
  • processing and response to inquires with the best bid;
  • management of design, installation and word drawings and specifications;
  • visits to production facilities to check the structures and assess the prodution operations and personnel;
  • supervision and monitoring of the production process;
  • preparation of protocols for test and samples made/taken;
  • logistics management and delivery to the premises of our client.

Our Advantages

We provide significant cost savings for our customers. The more work and added value are used during the production process, the higher the savings for our customers are. Transferring your production activities to sub-contractors (outsourcing) also contributes to reducing overhead costs as well as the amount of initial capital required.

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